Investment assumptions

Rest and invest in Zanzibar

It is evident to us that for many clients buying real estate in Zanzibar not only provides the fulfilment of owning their piece of paradise on the island but, perhaps above all, the realization of an investment goal in obtaining a rational source of revenue.

Simple business model

In the interests of all parties

We have prepared a business model that seems to us best satisfies the interests of all parties, i.e. Clients, as property owners, and us as a developer and operator. When creating the offer, we took into account all local conditions, unique location, paradise scenery, 360 days of sunshine a year, low saturation with similar investments while high level of demand.We have rationally assessed our management capabilities and responsibilities as a developer and investor and the nature of an industry that is just booming in Zanzibar.

360 days
of sunshine in the year
level of demand


Rest and earn money on Zanzibar

Our investment program includes the purchase of a property, villa or apartment and the possibility of transferring it for further rental to a professional operator for a period
of 6 months or 2 years. The attractiveness of our business model lies in the individual choice of when and for how long the owner wants to earn on his investment.

By deciding to cooperate with us, property owners receive a comprehensive service for their newly acquired property and professional support in their quest to maximize rental profits.

Owner and Operator Split Offer

We invite you to take advantage of our rental management offer.

The earning model is based on the sharing of the income earned between the operator and the property owner during the rental period.

In any case, the operator takes on the entire spectrum of complex and expensive marketing activities to find potential customers and assumes all renting, administrative, registration and billing responsibilities.

Return of investment simulation

400 - 500 USD

Assumptions based on current rental prices:
  • 400-500 USD per night
  • Occupancy 65%

Ownership stay: 30 days
Renting: 23 months
Breakdown between owner and operator: 65%/35%
For landlord: $40,000 - 50,000 per year
Return on investment of $400,000, occurs after 8-10 years.

In case you decide to rent your property yourself, you can count on over $70,000 in annual profit!

180 - 225 USD

Assumptions based on current rental prices:
  • 180-220 USD per night
  • Occupancy 65%

Ownership stay: 30 days
Renting: 23 months
Breakdown between owner and operator: 65%/35%
For landlord: $20,000 - 25,000 per year
Return on investment $190,000, occurs after 7-8 years.

In case you decide to rent your property yourself, you can count on over $40,000 in annual profit!

Safe capital

The legal construction is based on

The Condominum Act No 10 of 2010 ZIPA, enabling the sale by the Developer of the premises as ownership and the transfer of the entitlement to use the land leasing.

The new owner will receive an officially confirmed Certificate of the ownership proving the title to the property and will become a member of the Condominium community, which will guarantee his rights and obligations as a property holder in Zanzibar.

By law, it will also benefit from the obligation imposed on the Condominium operator, who must ensure permanent custody of the estate, guaranteeing its proper technical condition, the correctness of the network operation and the provision of extensive management services available to the members of the Condominium.

Incentives for investors

In June 2021, the government of Zanzibar introduced an additional incentive for investors. It was decided to make it easier for them to obtain a residence permit. So far, that right has only been reserved for investors engaging multimillion-dollar capital on the island.

Legislative work is currently underway to allow any investor not even meeting the requirement of permanent housing on the island to acquire the residence. So you will probably soon travel around the world or live in your country of origin, renting your property in Zanzibar out and enjoying a number of residents' privileges.

Working actively with the developer lobby in Zanzibar, we constantly take part in consultations with Ministries and offices and monitor the progress of legislative work on an ongoing basis.


As a future resident of Zanzibar, according to the plans of the Government, you will enjoy a large number of benefits, such as:

  • Right of residence, which is renewed every 3 years
  • No minimum length of stay
  • No stamp duty on property purchase
  • No capital gains tax on property
  • No estate inheritance tax
  • Zero tax on income outside Tanzania
  • Tax on rental income of 10% (non-residents 15%)
  • Tax exemption for the first 5 years of the company established in Zanzibar.

Secure payment plan

According to the progress of work on your property
Booking fee

5.000 USD

10% - first installment

To be paid on the date of signing the contract of sale.

35% - second installment

To be paid with the commencement of the foundation work of the unit being purchased.

35% - third installment

To be paid upon reaching the raw open state.

20% - fourth installment

To be paid when transferring the premises in question.

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Live in the paradise scenery of Africa

In the middle of the pristine beaches of Zanzibar

The “Spice Island” attracts tourists from all over the world every year looking for beautiful beaches, colourful coral reefs and excellent cuisine, a unique blend of Arabic, Hindu and African flavours. The abundance of nature, excellent climate, friendly local population and diverse tourist offer seems enough of an invitation to visit the island.
For a while, or to stay for longer.

Beach with palm trees

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nearest Airport

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Indian Ocean

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The Seller is not liable for any errors or obsolescence of offers. The floor plans and surfaces of the premises were developed on the basis of an architectural concept and are subject to change in the final design.