We build a dream come true, ours and yours...

We have chosen the best

.. about a turquoise ocean,
a breathtaking beach
all among the shadows of overlooking palm trees

In this setting, Mystique Residences & Resort is built with luxurious villas and comfortable apartments. All on a beautifully located 2-hectare (5-acre) plot. The development itself strategically overlooks the Indian Ocean, seemingly capturing the view of incoming tides for any resident to observe whilst strolling past their window.  Mystique offers the highest European comfort of living in the picturesque scenery of Africa.


Proven technologies and functional solutions that guarantee comfort

Modern design

Respond to customer needs based
on our many years of experience

Quality and nature

The most beautiful raw materials and materials for which
the island is famous

Picturesque scenery

Close to the ocean near a calm, wide beach, situated among the shadows of overlooking palm trees

Our Mission

Exceptional investment project
  • Offer customers a unique experience of Zanzibar combined with a state-of-the-art comfort of living in our exclusive villas and apartments along with fully equipped amenities  .
  • Subtly combine contemporary imaginative influences of exquisite Islam, Iranian, Arabic, Swahili and Indian currents in a coherent architectural expression.
  • Achieve a respectable name as a leader among projects that achieve the highest standard in design, construction, planning and sustainability whilst providing exceptional practices at both the level of implementation and subsequent operation.

Beach Lounge & Bar

Experience paradise

Experience paradise at our beach lounge on the mesmerizing shores of the Indian Ocean. Indulge in exquisite culinary delights, savor refreshing cocktails, and unwind in the ultimate beachfront mystique haven. Relax to the sound of gentle waves and soak up the breathtaking views, creating unforgettable memories with every moment.

Join us for a blissful escape, where sun-kissed days and starlit nights await....

Comfortable additional services

Perfect stay on a paradise island.

Mystique Residences & Resort guarantees the highest level of supportive services that correspond to the carefully examined needs of guests visiting Zanzibar, and the current trends in modern developments. In addition to full sets of comfortable and aesthetic furniture, including: sofas, armchairs, tables, chairs, beds and mattresses, we offer:

Drink & Snack bar

catering point in the pool area

Relaxation zone

baobab chillout & yoga zone

Business Center

with coworking room

Concierge service

whenever you need help


and driver services

Domestic help

cleaning, cooking, shopping


rental real estate


private and public access to residents


childminder services

Mystique in harmony with nature

While Mystique Residences & Resort is a new quality of life in Zanzibar, every element, from the architecture and technology, to the interiors and landscaping, has also been carefully planned to exist in perfect harmony with its surroundings.


A huge percentage of the carbon footprint in the construction process is related to the transportation of building materials. Our structures are based on locally produced bricks, coral rock available locally, the interiors will be equipped with furniture produced by local carpenters. All this to minimize the impact on the natural environment and to support the local craft and enterprise. In addition, we minimize car traffic on the estate by marking out one parking zone and promoting pedestrian walkways surrounded by greenery.


The geometry of buildings, protruding terraces, deep arcades, openwork blinds, all these elements help to minimize the problem of overheating interiors, thus saving energy required for their air conditioning. Basically, each of them has the ability to ventilate and with the use of ceiling fans, we are able to comfortably use the premises without the use of air conditioners.


In Zanzibar and around the world, fresh water is a precious resource and we should do everything we can to save it. The wastewater treatment system is based on a series of bioreactors that allow almost 100% purification of used water and its reuse in toilets and for watering gardens. This allows to reduce water consumption by up to 80%.


Heating of water used in the showers takes place almost without the use of external energy. Solar collectors located on the roofs ensure that our taps will not run out of hot water.

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Live in the paradise scenery of Africa

In the middle of the pristine beaches of Zanzibar

The “Spice Island” attracts tourists from all over the world every year looking for beautiful beaches, colourful coral reefs and excellent cuisine, a unique blend of Arabic, Hindu and African flavours. The abundance of nature, excellent climate, friendly local population and diverse tourist offer seems enough of an invitation to visit the island.
For a while, or to stay for longer.

Beach with palm trees

3 mins

nearest Airport

60 km


55 km

Indian Ocean

65 m

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This presentation is only commercial information and does not constitute an offer pursuant to Art. 66, § 1 of the Civil Code.
The Seller is not liable for any errors or obsolescence of offers. The floor plans and surfaces of the premises were developed on the basis of an architectural concept and are subject to change in the final design.