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Invest in Zanzibar

The Paradise Island is not only beautiful but also very hospitable. Friendly to everyone who visits it only for a week or two but also for those who decide to stay here for longer. It welcomes both tourists and investors. Both the government and the inhabitants are very warmhearted. The government opened its doors to the investors who did not have residential status in Tanzania back in 2018, guaranteeing them national law protection and international conventions. Those amendments the country recognized as strategic allow property owners to gain several tax benefits.

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About the island

In a translation from Arabic Zanzibar means "The shore of black people".
It is the biggest in the archipelago of the three islands (Unguja and Pemba) with the main town of the same name. The oldest part of the town is called The Stone Town. It has the UNESCO World Heritage designation.

History and politics:
In the past Zanzibar was an important and flourishing centre of trade. It was visited by Assirians, Arabs, Egyptians, Persians, Dutchmen and Chinese. Next Portuguese, who were pushed out by the Oman sultans. In the XVIII and XIX century, Zanzibar was the center of the slave trade.
In the XIX century, Indian bankers and European merchants settled here. The British, German and French fought for the island. Since 1964, Zanzibar was under the British protectorate. On 26th of April 1964, Zanzibar together with Tanganyika created a new country - the United Republic of Tanzania. Its own laws govern semi-autonomous Zanzibar. It has its own government, consisting of the representatives of Arabic, Indian and African peoples. There are 1,7 million of Zanzibar inhabitants, who do not feel they belong to Tanzania.

The economy:
Zanzibar is called "the island of spices''- the whole Zanzibar archipelago is well known for their abundance. In Zanzibar they cultivate pepper, nutmeg, cloves, vanilla, cinnamon and ginger which, apart from the coconut oil, are main products exported from the island. Moreover, seaweed and raffia are also popular export products of Zanzibar. Fishing is well developed here as well, but the most important role in the economy is still the developing tourism.


Why Zanzibar?

Zanzibar has become one of the most attractive investment places in the world. It gets more and more popular amongst travellers. There are many reasons for which investors should focus on this region. The key factor is that Zanzibar is stable. Politically, socially and economically, it turns out to be a perfect destiny, especially that private investments are constitutionally protected. The number of tourists has five times increased in the past 20 years.

Many tourist destinations in the world have become less attractive for investments due to overcrowding, over construction and prices no anymore for every investors pocket. Therefore there is a high demand to find places, which offer facilities with infrastructure in a friendly climate and are surrounded by unspoiled, paradise scenery.

Data show a massive positive in the number of tourists visiting the island reaching a 28%- 30% increase year on year. Even though Zanzibar is a small island economy, it is unique for being a part of Tanzania and has a great market potential. Tanzania has enjoyed a high economic growth in the past decade.

According to the World Bank, a 6-7% increase per year on average. The Africa 2020/21 report of the global Knight Frank real estate group recorded a 5.7% growth in GDP in 2019. The Tanzanian real estate sector increased by 4.5%.

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The official language: Swahili, English/ Time zone: GMT+3
Number of inhabitants: around 630 thousand.
Surface: 1658 km2 (Surface of Warsaw: 517,2 km2)
Power: 220 - 240 V AC, 50 Hz (same as Europe)
Average temperature in Summer: 36 C Average temperature in Winter: 26 C

zanzibar zanzibar
zanzibar zanzibar
zanzibar zanzibar
zanzibar zanzibar
Photographs by Piotr Ziernik
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