Mystique Residences and Resort


Mystique Resort

To live in Paradise ...

We let our and your dream come true!

It is about a turquoise Ocean, white sand beaches and fabulous palms.

In this scenery, we have created creating Mystique Residences and Resort which consists of 11 luxurious villas and 24 comfortable apartments. These are built in a beautifully situated, 2 hectare area, slightly setting towards the Indian Ocean where you can enjoy the view of Zanzibar’s famous tides from the window every day.

Mystique offers a European, highest comfort of living in the paradise scenery of Africa.

  • We chose what is best:
  • A fairytale like scenery near the ocean, by the calm and white beach among paradise palms
  • A modern project responding to the needs of clients based on our many years of experience
  • The most beautiful resources and materials, popular for the island
  • Tested technologies and functional solutions which guarantee high comfort.

Exceptional investment project

  • The mission of Mystique Residences and Resort is:
  • To offer clients a unique atmosphere of Zanzibar combined with the most modern comfort of living in luxurious villas and comfortable apartments together with a complete infrastructure
  • To combine the modern imagination, the influance of the exuisite Islam, Iranian, Arabic, Suahili and Indian trends in the cohesive architectural expression
  • To gain an honorable title of a leader of the projects that achieve the highest standard within the range of design, building, planning, sustainable development and promote the best practices on the project level as well as further functioning.

Our aim is to establish a baseline for future investments into properties together with exceptional accommodation standards, with an opportunity for a private owner to make profit from the capital invested into a property, in case the property is rented.We bear in mind that the reason we decided to place Mystique in this part of the world is to exist in a symbiotic relationship with the surroundings, respecting, above all, the locals, the culture and circumstances.

Mystique Residences and Resort

Comfortable extra services available

Mystique Residences and Resort guarantees additional services, which correspond with the well examined requirements of the guests who visit Zanzibar as well as trends applying in the best estates.

  • Therefore we offer:
  • Drink & Snack bar in the pool area
  • Infinity type swimming pools and private swimming pools in the villas
  • Relaxation zone - Baobab chillout & yoga zone
  • Gym
  • Parking and concierge
  • Business centre
  • Cleaning services, shopping and a full range of property management.

We have had it all deeply thought out in order to have time and possibility to create a perfect stay in this paradise.

Villas and Apartments

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Mystique Residential Resort-pearl sand, turquoise Ocean, paradise palms and the Zanzibar sun are now at your fingertips. It is a dream come true to live in the top quality establishments with a complete infrastructure, which allows a unique comfortable rest combined with the safety, but also being attractive as an investment.

We have 11 villas and 24 apartments for sale.

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